Top 11 Tourist Attractions in Raleigh, North Carolina

Named after legendary explorer and writer, Sir Walter Raleigh, Raleigh is a city that’s buzzing with top-notch museums, impressive galleries, and scenic parks. It is an impressive state capital that encompasses many interesting institutions built largely for promoting the general welfare. Even today, Raleigh remains untainted by urbanization and continues to enthrall visitors with its charming Victorian-style homes and limitless opportunities for entertainment. It has become a popular destination to move to in the last 10 years, and if your looking for a great moving company we recommend

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 11 Raleigh tourist attractions:

    1. North Carolina State Capitol

Official website:

Address: 1 E Edenton St, Raleigh

Constructed in 1840, the North Carolina State Capitol is known to be one of the most remarkable Raleigh tourist attractions. This magnificent building stands tall in all its grandeur. No wonder then that it has been regarded as the best-preserved example of Greek architecture in the U.S. Around two centuries ago, this National Historic Landmark was home to the State Government of North Carolina, and even today, the Governor and his staff conduct business on a small section of the first floor. However, apart from its political significance, this place also funds numerous programs on a yearly basis. These include tours, holiday events, educational programs and special ceremonies. They also sponsor a special sightseeing tour in the name of Trolley Tour for interested tourists.

    1. North Carolina Museum of Art

Official website:

Address: 2110 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh

The North Carolina Museum of Art is a beautiful, contemporary building that showcases ancient art and Renaissance works with modern art. With rotating exhibits, long winding paths, summer outdoor film series as well as an impeccable sculpture garden, the museum is surely worth a stop for all the art-lovers out there.

    1. Marbles Kids Museum

Official website:
Address: 201 E Hargett St, Raleigh

Situated in downtown Raleigh, Marbles Kids Museum is a vibrant spot for hands-on, interactive learning for children and their families. It has its doors open to school groups, community organizations, and families, and features dozens of themed exhibits, summer camps, daily programs, feature films as well as educational events all year-round. It has its own IMAX theater that shows documentary and feature films to the tiny tots. In addition to that, there are 5 fun galleries and two discreet escapes for young ones to get their wheels spinning and engage in some minds-on learning.

At present, Marbles ranks among the best family destinations in North Carolina. Moreover, it is recognized nationally for inculcating entertainment and games in their curriculum. If you want your child to experience some play-based learning, then Marbles Kids Museum is the place for you.

    1. Pullen Park

Official website:
Address: 520 Ashe Ave, Raleigh

Created in the year, 1887, Pullen Park is North Carolina’s first public park. It offers limitless opportunities for fun and adventure, right from outdoor plays and miniature train rides to aquatic sports and tennis. Tourists can take fun rides on a 1911 carousel or spend the entire day strolling in the vast playground.

    1. J S Dorton Arena

Official website:

Address: 1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh

Famed as North Carolina’s foremost contribution to contemporary architecture, the J S Dorton Arena is a magnificent structure that stands as the very testimony to state-of-the-art architecture and engineering. Ever since its construction in the year 1951, this internationally recognized architectural marvel has hosted concerts, athletic events, circuses, graduation ceremonies, trade shows and more. It sprawls over a complex of 25,000 square feet and is complete with lobbies, an arena floor, restrooms, storage areas, dressing rooms as well as tinted exterior walls. The arena floor welcomes tourists to witness awe-inspiring exhibitions and performances, which are held all year-round.

    1. Mordecai Historic Park

Official website:

Address: 1 Mimosa St, Raleigh

Mordecai Historic Park is famous as the birthplace of Andrew Johnson, who’s none other than the 17th president of the U.S. Additionally, the setting protects extraordinary treasures like the Mordecai House, which is, in fact, the one of the oldest Raleigh tourist attractions. Tourists can revel in the lush greenery of the Historic Park or catch a glimpse of how life was in early Raleigh. The property displays several plantations of aesthetic value as well.

    1. Carolina Ballet

Address: 3401 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh

Official website:

Established in the year 1997, the Carolina Ballet is famous as one of the most premier arts organizations of America. This company has not only launched world-famous ballets but has also traveled extensively to international locations, to the likes of Hungary and China. CEO and Founding Artistic Director, Robert Weiss, is still in charge of the company, which stages laudable performances all throughout the year. Tourists love this place for its curious mix of traditional ballet, choreographed by legendary masters as well as Thespian-style performances by contemporary choreographers.

    1. William B Umstead State Park

Official website:

Address: 8801 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh

Situated at a stone’s throw away from the US 70 or Interstate 40, William B Umstead State Park is where hikers, cyclists, equestrians and trail runners throng to cherish the interconnected network of multi-use trails and hiking. Visitors can hike, ride a bike, toss a fishing line in the water or simply navigate through the waters. The three man-made lakes offer rowboat and canoe rentals. Fishing is welcome in these lakes as well as in their connecting tributaries. At the access areas, vast picnic grounds surround sheltered fireplaces that are apt for enjoying a bonfire out in the wild. The campsites offer a delightful blend of modern amenities like washrooms and cabins in a natural setting.

    1. JC Raulston Arboretum

Official website:

Address: 4415 Beryl Rd, Raleigh

If you thought that plants were utterly boring beings to spend a day with, you seriously need to reassess your thoughts, or maybe visit the JC Raulston Arboretum. Deemed as a nationally-acclaimed public garden, it showcases an exhaustive repertoire of exotic temperate zone plants collected from the South-East United States. The Arboretum sprawls over a 10-acre complex and encompasses a huge display of plant species, right from ornamental perennials to hardy bulbs and trees. The basic mission of the Arboretum is to diversify the floral landscape of America and benefit communities economically, aesthetically as well as environmentally. As a living laboratory, it complements the curriculum of the NC state University and provides umpteen opportunities for tourists to research or simply revel in the vast expanse of greenery.

    1. Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts

Official website:

Address: 2 E South St, Raleigh

The Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts is widely known for hosting ballet performances, regularly sponsored by the Carolina Ballet as well as the North Carolina Symphony. It features everything, right from Broadway musicals and moving classics to Off Broadway plays. Located within toe-tapping footsteps of this place is the Raleigh Convention Center as well as the Red Hat Amphitheater. These interlinking facilities form the cultural centerpiece of Raleigh, combining entertainment and convenience in an irresistible blend for convention goers and seasonal tourists alike.

    1. Dead Broke Farm

Official website:

Address: 6921 Wildlife Trail, Raleigh

The Dead Broke Farm is a family-run business that specializes in offering horseback riding as well as other equine opportunities to the public. There are plenty of ways to experience a rewarding day out at this farm. You can ride a handsome horse along the winding trails while making your way through the dense forest with rolling hills, or lengthen your stay there with an overnight camping trip. They offer private pony rides too, where you can hear the fascinating rhythm of the horse, the lazy creek as well as the abundance of wildlife, all by yourself. Adventurous trail rides are available as well, but that’s exclusively reserved for the advanced riders.

The aforementioned Raleigh tourist attractions are only a few out of a huge lot. With its high-end bars, beautiful parks, and magnificent architectural structures, Raleigh has much to offer. It is often referred to as the best city of America for hosting numerous opportunities for education, entertainment, and fun.

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