Servicing Off-track garage doors in Raleigh

off-track-garage-door-repairAn off-track garage door may trigger accidents and loss of money besides looking horrible. You should not try to move the garage door yourself or with the automated garage door opener, since it might cause even worse problems for the door, or potentially be life threatening if it completely falls off the track.

Reasons for Off-Track Doors

One of the most seen reasons for off-track doors, is when one or both of the garage door cables snaps. The cables serve as cushion for weight of the door and provide support to the door while it is in motion. Garage door cables can survive decades if they are properly installed and if the garage door is used normally, but every garage is not set up optimally so uneven and accelerated wear and tear happens.

Garage doors may be off-track because of some other causes aside from cable problems. If something is stuck in the track or an intense force is applied abruptly, the door can naturally become loose. If you set the car in reverse keeping the garage door partially or entirely shut, the car may strike the door with force great enough to derail it. Even a relatively light tap with the car can dent or warp the track so that over time the door is likely to jump its track when in motion.

If one garage door panel is having trouble moving through the track, it pretty much stops the whole door. You certainly do not want to try forcing a jammed panel to move through the track for very long – it will break something eventually!

Ace Garage Door Repair Raleigh to the Rescue

We strongly suggest, for the sake of safety, that you never try to repair off track garage doors alone. Instead, make sure you call Ace Garage Door Repair Raleigh whenever you discover any issues with your garage door or perhaps garage door tracks. Our skilled, certified technicians are trained in efficiently managing this repair task with the following four-step method:

1. Find out the cause of derailed garage door for example any visible damage to the tracks (bent, broken), inappropriate orientation of the tracks or their loosening from the garage walls.

2. Readjust track and roller positioning, as needed.

3. Clean the tracks of any garbage or buildup and lubricate with commercial grade oil.

4. Inspect the garage door in its entirety for any missing parts.
The level of expertise and customer service of Ace Garage Door Repair Raleigh is unparalleled in the region and we are just a call away from dispatching a friendly team to handle your garage door problem. A fully equipped truck will be prepared for you to serve any time of the day and any day of the week. In most instances we will arrive to your location the same day you contact us!

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