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Training and Experience makes Installation a Breeze

For most people, installing a new garage door is a daunting task. The garage door is one of the most intimidating parts of the home for novices to attempt fixing due to its size and weight. Then add to it all the unique parts that garage doors have, like tension springs, stiffeners, and rollers, and it is easy to see why. Still, a well trained and experienced garage door technician like those you encounter from Ace Garage Door Repair Raleigh will look at each and every garage door install job like it is just another day at the office. They really have seen and done it all.

Never Cut Corners when Setting Up your Garage Door

Even though our technicians have mastered the process of garage door installation, we still never skip a step. The manual for the garage door is to be followed exactly at all times. Some people may think they can do without the steel stiffener, for instance. Eventually those people will learn that the pressures on the door are uneven and will eventually cause the door to bend at the top in the center. The same goes for installing a garage door opener and properly attaching it to the door. All instructions are to be followed.

Configuring the Garage Door and Opener Set Up

The last of the major garage door installation steps are making sure the door and opener are properly configured. You must attach the garage door to the trolley system on the opener. The opener must be perfectly centered when mounting it on the ceiling so that it will apply equal force to the door when pulling. Once this is all connected, the counterbalancing of the door needs to happen. The opener should be used to raise the door, and the counterbalancing should be adjusted for every foot of elevation. This will make it much more stable and easier to move if the opener isn’t working for some reason.

Doing Garage Door Installation Right can Save you Money and Time

Going with the cheapest fly-by-night guy who promises he can get the work done but seems to be doing everything in a haphazard way is only going to give you trouble. In the long run, this will cost you money when you are trying to get someone better to undo the damage he caused. Ace Garage Door Repair Raleigh is your local garage door installation expert. We are always accessible and always dedicated to a job well done. For having your garage door installed perfectly, or just to ask some questions about it, call (919) 213-4742.

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